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    Past events:
    02.12.16 – Grafgravers Albumrelease – Diksmuide
    07.08.15 – A Night of Hiphop 4 – Diksmuide
    27.06.15 – Pop Up Pelzen – Roeselare
    30.05.15 – ALDI Foundation – Ieper
    24.05.15 – Charlies Mansion – Ieper
    31.01.14 – A Day Of Hiphop – Kortrijk
    08.08.14 – EOW Warm Up Sessions – Diksmuide
    03.05.14 – The Mill XL 10 – Koksijde
    19.04.14 – A Day Of Hiphop – Kortrijk
    07.09.13 – A Day Of Hiphop – Kuurne
    20.04.13 – Can I kick it? – Kortemark

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Jack Terrer

Jack Terrer is known for his rugged-and-raw style productions and is quite a character!
He found his calling to produce beats around 2009 and soon found himself an addict for crate-digging. To get the sound he wanted he started assembling a harem of MPC’s and oldskool hardware that would make any Hip Hop head drewl. He seems to be happily married with the SP12 now but we all know he keeps his mistresses (S950, emax, mpc1000,…) closeby.

Jack has provided an amazing amount of beats for the debut album ‘Vo De Liefhebber‘ by Grafgravers and produced tracks for Jayeness (The Cure), Samoerai (Doe nie dom), … .He is also a member of ‘Da Madcats’, a three-man beat collective that ensures Hip Hop productions of the toughest caliber and has