Samoerai – Genoeg Reedns

In afwachting van de Woedn’t Echt EP en de Gravers nie stille gezetn en de Samoerai zekers nie! Want nem et Genoeg reedns!!



7 DEC Beat blender @ Kortrijk
With: Ubuntu; Funk D; Mr Brown; Chillow; Oxes; Fresh & Clean – Warm up by Dj Lantoz & Mr Fishdick + SPECIAL ACT – FREE ENTRANCE!!!

Jayeness – Cypher time 2

Phatmark Cypher Time ll – JAYENESS in the building!
Jaja, Samoerai & Dj King D

Beat: Cypress Hill (Let it Rain)

Lord Finesse Documentary

A bio on Hip Hop star Lord Finesse. Includes interviews with Fat Joe, Buckwild, Akinelye, and others. The whole D.I.T.C. (Diggin In The Crates) crew got mad game. Bronx in the house!!!!

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