OoDeeJay project presents ‘Local Product’

What started as an idea of two people grew out to a full length Belgian skateboard video colab between OoDeeKay and Jaydee skateshop….by skaters, for skaters…pudingk some love back into skateboarding…rolllng into the deep, fading in the dark…this board is the tool that ignites a spark… when you share a feeling with someone, talk…when someone does something cool, cheer…when someone acts funny, laugh…when people need it, motivate…if you think it’s impossible, think possible…when someone is down, pick em up…my skateboard, my teacher…now take that piece of wood and go shred…keep the camera rolling at ALL TIMES!!!

OoDeeJay project presents ‘Local Product’ from Gunnar Vinckier on Vimeo.


Rad van tong was crazy gisteren! Veel schoon/scheef volk in de zaal! Dope showcases,  dope breakcrew, dope graf jam, dope initiatief… De man van de avond was sowieso den Baadasssss (Artiest van het joar 2012!!) Big ups no den badboy en Ntrek vo al under harde werk de afgelopen moanden! Tklets en bust in de WestVloanders!!!

En sowieso nog een dikke big up no de Mellow P en de organisatie in het algemeen om dergelijke concepten uit de grond te stampen en de vloamse scene in leven te houden!! Noaste joar stoa heel de west vloanders upt podium!! Whut!!

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Vergeet niet dat er sinds kort ook Ntrek shirts te koop zijn!! Get yours en support your local heroes!

Mc Equal – De sfeer

Mc Equal dropt e track als ode aan de ‘night of hip hop p2’ Open mic sessie!! Big up vo die feeste Equal!!!

Civilization Vs. Technology”

H.E.A.L. – Civilization Vs. Technology”. KRS-One ft. Big Daddy Kane, Freddie Foxxx, Harmony, Kid Capri, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Ms. Melodie, Run-D.M.C & Queen Latifah. © 1991 Warner Music Group.

The Rah Rah Gorilla Sampler 2

Rah Rah Gorilla 2 Is releasing pretty soon on vinyl! Get Yours!! Cause this one is featuring our verry own Samoerai and Da Madcats!!

Bouncing Cats trailer!

Bouncing Cats is the inspiring story of one man’s attempt to create a better life for the children of Uganda using the unlikely tool of hip-hop with a focus on b-boy culture and breakdance. We are looking forward to this movie!!

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