Jayeness – Back 2 the Basics EP

Released December 12th, 2011.
CD, Digital

Artist(s): MC JaJa, MC Samoerai & DJ King D.
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Samoerai with coproduction by JaJa on track 4. Cuts provided by Dj King D.

Artwork by Oh Snap Grfx.

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Back 2 the Basics is Jayeness’ debut EP. It focusses on that 90′s hiphop feeling and is a first shot at introducing the crowd to a Phatmark release. Raw beats, funky flows and a passion for the near forgotten genre is what separates this EP from most other recent drops. Tracks like ‘First Love’ and ‘Back to the Basics will take you back to the golden days of hiphop. The EP features 6 tracks, plus a bonus track called ‘Raw relics’.

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